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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs

Our team is at your service for garage door spring adjustment and installation

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Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers

Our company was created with one ideal in mind: to provide customers with the best garage door services in the area.

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Emergency Services

Emergency Services

Our company specializes in all garage doors and their repairs, and provides fast emergency services

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Providing solutions for genie garage doors

Here are some practical garage door repair tips. Things that you need to know about.

Make sure to always keep your garage door safely locked

Garage doors can be a way for thieves to get access to your house and steal your belongings. So before you leave your house or go to sleep, make sure that your garage door is closed and safely locked.  Do not leave your house while your garage door is still open even if you have an automatic door.

Regular check-up on garage door opener

A garage door opener needs regular maintenance and homeowners can do a visual inspection on at least once a week to help ensure that the opener is doing well. Experts at Garage Door Repair La Crescenta advice the use of lubricants as part of the maintenance process, especially when the opener is dependent to a drive screw or a chain.

Why steel garage doors are better

All materials have pros and cons but steel is extremely strong and resistant, especially if you get galvanized steel that won't erode according to Garage Door Repair La Crescenta. They can be insulated, come out in all types and sizes and you may add windows.

Taking care of wooden garage doors

The use of wood for garage doors is a classic, tried and tested method. Just like any other material it needs a good amount of maintenance. Garage door experts over at La crescenta recommend that a wooden garage door be routinely painted – both inside and out. This protects it from the elements.

Performing balance test on garage doors

If your garage door is automated, you must turn off the power before doing any test. You can pull it down like a manual door and check if it drops down or hangs in balance. You can also check if the alignment of the door is still good. If the door falls, there is already a problem with the torsion springs.

Replacing your garage door opener

Garage door openers are meant to last long. But with the new technologies, experts at Garage Door Repair La Crescenta suggest that you get a new one, especially if your current model was manufactured prior to 1993. A garage door opener that came out after 1993 would have the newest safety features that your house needs.

Ensure that the opener wall button and keypad are mounted high enough

They should be set at least five feet above the garage floor to ensure that small children will not be able to reach them and play with them. This is an important safety precaution that you need to take to protect your family and your property. Similarly, all garage door remotes should be kept out of the reach of children.

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