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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs

Our team is at your service for garage door spring adjustment and installation

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Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers

Our company was created with one ideal in mind: to provide customers with the best garage door services in the area.

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Emergency Services

Emergency Services

Our company specializes in all garage doors and their repairs, and provides fast emergency services

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As part of our commitment to provide services of the highest quality, we created this section with answers to the most frequently asked questions in the garage door industry. It is our goal to keep as many people as possible informed on all important aspects of overhead door use and operation.

Flawless services from the best garage door company in town

We welcome all questions. Here are the FAQs for garage door repair and other information.

Should my garage door be insulated?

The opening of your garage door can be a significant opening in the thermal barrier of your home. Insulating the doors can help to reduce this impact by minimizing the outside temperatures which can enter the garage. This can reduce the energy needed to heat or cool your home and reduce noise interference from outside your home. This can be especially useful if there is a bedroom or living area located above or adjacent to the garage.

How do I know what size of garage door I need?

Garage doors are available in a number of different standard sizes. To determine your requirements measure the height and width of the finished opening. Sizes of garage doors are usually listed as width then height. If your opening height is particularly large, you may require a garage door with additional panels to accommodate this.  You should also consider that you may require a higher powered opener, if your door is larger than standard.

Does the thickness of the door count?

The truth is that thick garage doors are probably very durable but they don't necessarily have to be very thick in order to be well insulated and strong. Don't rely on the door's thickness but on the insulation materials and the actual durability of the door.

Which season is best to clean and paint the door in?

The experts of our garage door repair company in La Crescenta would recommend summer, spring or early autumn. You need to make sure the weather is nice, warm and that the job is done on a sunny day. The sun will dry the washed door and the garage door parts faster and the paint will dry easier, too. Strong winds will attract elements onto the freshly painted door and will ruin your efforts.

Where should I keep my garage door remote control?

One of the best security measures which you can take according to the professionals of our company is to keep the remote control on a keychain and to carry this keychain with you at all times. When you are at home, you should keep it on a high shelf away from children.

Why do cables get loose?

After years of daily use, garage door cables get loose. They're strong but they do carry the very heavy door weight. Our experts in La Crescenta say that cables also get loose if the springs are damaged and so they get the burden of the door to a greater extent.

Why does my garage door reverse automatically when closing?

This is most often due to issues with the safety sensors. In this case, the professionals of Garage Door Repair La Crescenta recommend immediate fixing or replacement. The problem may also be due to broken lift cable. Another possible cause is bent track. In both cases, the issue must be resolved without delay.

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